Friday, October 1, 2010

Skippin' Ahead

I've been thinking a little bit about my Lost Room post the other day...

I started watching Dexter and it's pretty good.  I'm not 100% in love with it but it's pretty entertaining. The show is already up to season 4, so that's quite a bit of catching up to do.  Add to that it's only one of the many (see below) shows I've never seen and want to watch.  The problem is the amazing time commitment it will take to get through not only this, but all of the other series.

So I started experimenting with Dexter and watching only every other episode.  Each one starts off with a pretty good recap and if I follow my formula from The Lost Room post -- then I won't need to know how things happened, just that they happened.  It's working out pretty well so far.  Obviously, all of the main characters are still alive in every episode so anything that's presented as a threat isn't that much of a threat.  I'll get through the series faster and probably end up cutting out quite a few filler episodes along the way.

For anyone curious, here is a list of TV series I've never seen before and want to see.  When you realize how much of a time commitment it is, you'll see why I want to start skipping episodes --

The 4400
30 Rock**
Battlestar Galactica
Breaking Bad*
Curb Your Enthusiasm*
Eastbound and Down
Flash Forward
Friday Night Lights
Freaks and Geeks
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia*
Justice League
Mad Men
The Office*
Rescue Me*
Samurai Jack
The Shield
The Sopranos
South Park**
The West Wing
The Wire

* - in progress.
** - seen quite a few episodes here and there, but will probably need to start from the beginning.


Tyler said...

I stopped watching Dexter after the second or third episode of the 2nd season. Something about watching it all at once turned me off.

Eastbound and Down 1st season is only like six episodes and it's really funny.

I wouldn't even waste your time with V. It was really bad in my opinion.

The Wire is probably my favorite TV show of all time.

Jenny said...

Freaks & Geeks, Mad Men and The Office are all spectacular!

Chris said...

Dexter Season 1 was really strong. Season 2 was just 'eh' and Season 3 isn't looking much better.

I've heard from quite a few people that The Wire is greatest TV show of all time, so I look forward to that one.