Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big Bang Theory

I was in my boss' office the other day when I asked him what he thought of Curb Your Enthusiasm.  He's a huge Seinfeld fan so I figured the two kind of went hand in hand.  He said he hadn't really gotten into it but had really gotten in a show lately, but he didn't want to admit what it was.

I told him if it was Glee, I would admit to it, as well.  He said it wasn't Glee which prompted me to say I was just kidding about liking Glee (even though I do).  He said it was The Big Bang Theory.

Two of my other coworkers are really into Big Bang Theory as well, and one of them has the seasons on DVD.  She let us borrow Season 1 and I am really surprised at how much The Wife and I both enjoy it.  It took me a while to get used to the audience laughter.  After enjoying so many recent comedies without an audience (30 Rock, Louis, The League) it was kinda bizarre to hear a live audience there.

Sheldon is, by far, my favorite character and sadly, the one I relate to the most.  We're somewhere in the middle of Season 2 and I was thrilled to see my improv teacher from a few years ago, John Ross Bowie, show up in two episodes (so far).

Overall, a very enjoyable and funny show.  I believe it's in syndication on TBS but luckily, we've got a hookup from my coworker to keep the episodes coming.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


For the past three or so years, my Sundays were busy with softball.  I have skipped games because of birthdays, anniversaries, vacations and other reasons but for the majority of the last three years, you could find me on Sunday afternoons pitching slow pitch co-ed softball.

I have enjoyed my time playing immensely but I am retiring soon.  Part of the reason is the drive out there to play.  Part of the reason is to spend more time with The Wife.  Part of the reason is there is a sketch writing class I am eager to sign up for.  But the main reason is simply because I haven't had that many free Sundays.

I found myself enjoying the Sundays without games.  The ones where I got to enjoy a birthday gathering, or a trip to a museum.

So, this Spring season is winding down and we have a chance to make it into the championship game.  We've made it to the championship game twice in my tenure but come up short both times.  Winning this one would be a fantastic way to end it.  I may eventually end up playing one off games here or there when they're short on guys but for the most part, I think I'm ready to move on from my Sunday softball obligations.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Improv Creepio 2

So, that last blog post was written in advance of the last improv class we had taken.  How bizarre it was to have class with Creepio and have the following scenario occur.

He was onstage and we were supposed to ask for some sort of suggestion from the class.  When I was up, I asked them to tell me how my last girlfriend and I broke up.  Another person asked for simply a color as a suggestion.  Creepio asked for someone to name a type of sword.  I've been staring at my screen for ten minutes and I can only name three types of swords (long, broad and hook).  After that, I'm out.  I'm not certain what type of inspiration he would draw for his scene but he finally went with the suggestion of "dagger" - which isn't really a sword, but whatever.

I tried to not rule out his scene too early as he had yet to start it.  There aren't too many places to start with "dagger" but I thought to myself, Maybe this won't be a creepy scene.

His turn came around and he starts by miming the dagger in his hand and saying, "When my stepfather comes home, I'm gonna try to stab him with this dagger."

O.  M.  G.  I could NOT control my laughter at that point.  It's almost become a game in and of itself to see how dark and fucked up he can start a scene.  Luckily I was able to stifle my laughter as tears were running down my face.

And luckily I didn't read about any stabbings in the paper for the next few days after.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Improv Creepio

Not sure if there's someone we're supposed to report this to but I swear to God, there's one person I've noticed over the weeks at improv class who starts 99.99% of their scenes in a dark manner.  A really dark manner.  One scene I had started out in a graveyard.  Another started with the hammering of a stake into a vampire's heart.  My coworker and I have noticed this trend over a few weeks and aren't really sure what to make of it.  Either way, I'll refer to them from now on as Creepio.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Personal Trainer/Player

So they hired a bunch of new personal trainers at the gym I go to. Each one has a photo/bio sheet to help you pick one although it's debatable how much a name, a degree and a list of hobbies tells you about someone who's going to show you how to do calf raises properly.

I digress.

One of the new guys lists his interests as: Surfing! (NOTE: I am adding exclamation points as a machismo effect) Rock climbing! Snow boarding! Mountain biking! Candlelight dinners! Wait...what? One of these things is not like the other. I'm just curious if Rocko is really into candlelight dinners or if he's just trying to get laid.

What's also curious is another new trainer has an incredibly similar list but his last item is "chasing sunsets."

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Curb Your Jail Sentence

Another great thing about the show Curb Your Enthusiasm?  It cleared a man of murder charges back in 2004.  Yep, a dude spent 5-1/2 months in jail being accused of a murder but swore he was at the Dodgers game that night.  HBO was there filming an episode of CYE and had footage of the man in the background, which proved his alibi and cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Larry David

I started getting into Curb Your Enthusiasm again, picking up with season 2. I swear I don't think I'm this bad but -- I could be looking into my future when I see the Larry David character. Sadly this show doesn't appeal to The Wife so she'll have to be surprised at how curmudgeonly I (may) get.

The episode that sparked this idea was one in which Larry and his wife decide to go out to dinner. His wife suggests they go to a bar at a hotel first for a drink. Larry questions this, asking if they have some special drink at this bar (they don't) and why his wife can't just order whatever drink she wants at the restaurant. After all, he reasons, it's the same drink. He doesn't want to drive to one place, park/valet, get out, have a drink, leave and then go park/valet at the restaurant.

It was at this point I could envision 45-year old Chris saying something like this to The Wife who, amazingly enough, hasn't left him yet. Larry's reasoning seems sound enough and there certainly is a hassle in going to two places.

Larry's wife explains it's not about having a drink, it's about the socializing and the atmosphere of the different places, and just going out. Larry still doesn't get it, she gets frustrated and they end up ordering take out.

So thank you Larry David for saving me from a potential argument in the future. Even if I do see your viewpoint on a lot of the nitpicky things.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


A comic book I have really gotten into lately is called Fables.  It was recommended on a podcast.  I reserved the first two graphic novels from my local library to try it out and ended up loving them, so it went on my Christmas list and I just finished the 5th trade paperback collection.

Fables is similar in concept to the current ABC series Once Upon a Time -- fairy tale characters in the real world, although the comic predates it by at least 9 years.  The TV producers have said they feel the show may have a similar starting point but branches off into very different directions.  I haven't seen the show but I'll take their word on it.

The characters in the comic have had their lands conquered by someone known only as The Adversary.  (I haven't come across who exactly The Adversary is, although I spoiled it for myself online by trying to get a general sense of the series.  Bah!)  So, the characters escape to New York City and set up their community called Fabletown.  The normal looking characters (Snow White, Boy Blue, Prince Charming, Jack of Beanstalk fame) live in Fabletown but try to avoid any and all interaction with the "mundys" - the mundane, human people.  The animal type characters (Three Little Pigs, Chicken Little) all live upstate on a farm.

Snow White is the Deputy Major and Sheriff Bigby Wolf (aka the Big Bad Wolf), so much of the series follows their exploits as they investigate the murder of Snow White's sister Rose Red, deal with an animal revolt up at The Farm, get invaded by some of The Adversary's forces, seen a mayoral campaign race between Old King Cole and Prince Charming and had a human nearly uncover the secrets of Fabletown.  And there's also a...very interesting pregnancy/childbirth between two odd characters in the mix.  Prince Charming is an asshole who's been divorced three times.  Bluebeard is an arrogant prick bent on becoming insanely wealthy.  Jack is constantly trying to swindle goods from others.  And Sheriff Bigby Wolf has a plethora of secrets he's keeping from everyone.

I really like that you're already familiar with most of these characters.  It's not like, hey, look it's this new superhero in town and here's what they can do.  It's like, hey, it's Cinderella.  Got it.  I also like that all of these characters are immortal so there's no real timeline to stick to.  I'll definitely put a few more of the trade paperbacks on my birthday list 'cause this has been a really interesting series so far.  Can't wait to see how the whole Adversary thing is revealed, too!