Monday, November 30, 2009

Enchanted Water Pt. 2

I forgot to mention this in my previous posting about Kangen Water, but I found this article, written by a chemist, that completely debunks the entire thing. Enjoy the article, anonymous blog commenter from last time! :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Enchanted Water

A family member recently gave the Wife and I one gallon of ionized water from Kangen. Kangen water claims to be filled with antioxidants which can slow aging and prevent disease. I'm not really sure how the process works, but I believe it's something along the lines of a pyramid scheme. You start drinking the water, then you get other people to buy an ionizing system by giving them a free sample.

Interestingly, if you type in the words "Kangen water" on Google, two of the top three keywords it wants to auto-fill in are "bullshit" and "scam."

Anyway, this particular family member is highly religious yet also believes in the healing properties of this stuff and other kooky things. She also suggested I go see a healing priest to cure my diabetes, but all I got out of that experience was a cold that lasted a week (no joke). Needless to say, the Wife and I are highly, highly, highly skeptical of this enchanted water. I drank a cup or two of it and it definitely tasted, kind of metallic. The rest of it was used to water our plants. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Softball Not Success

Unfortunately, we lost to our arch enemies, the Pink Unicorns, at softball the other night. But! We have nothing to complain about considering we finished the season 7-3 and finished up in second place!!! I don't really know what happened but I'm very proud that we all got better and we're functioning better as a team.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Long Beach Comic Con

The new Wife and I went to the Long Beach Comic Convention a few weekends ago. Overall, it was a letdown but what was interesting was the row of media celebrities available for autographs. Included in this row were: Josie Davis, most known for Charles in Charge; Tito Santana, former pro wrestler; Dave Ellefson, former bass player for Megadeth; and Deon Richmond, who I recognized from playing the Token Black Guy in Not Another Teen Movie. So in case you were wondering what minor league celebrities do with a free Sunday morning...this is it.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Softball Success?

I've been playing coed softball in Burbank for the last 3 years or so. Typically, our team is not that good. Up 'till now, we have never finished a season with more than 2 wins. This season, we are 7-2 which is nothing short of astonishing. I think our biggest improvement is making less mistakes. Everyone is playing very smart defense - hitting the cutoff throws, and most importantly, not overthrowing the ball trying to do too much. And not to brag too much about my own performance, but I've pitched 13 consecutive scoreless innings...which actually has more to do with our defense than with my pitching. :)

If we win this coming Sunday's game against the Pink Unicorns (the team we despise the most), we make it to the championship game. Or the playoffs. I'm not really sure how the post season is structured since we've never been close before.

Needless to say, it's a very exciting time for our little softball team that could. Our last regular game of the season is this Sunday at 6pm. Email me for the exact location, and then come on out and watch us slay some Unicorns! We're going out for drinks after the game, win or lose!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Movin' On?

So now that we're all newly married and crap, we're starting the process of looking for a home. We're pretty much back on our feet after me getting laid off last year, even though we're both making less than at our previous jobs. After doing some initial searches online, I think we're going to go drive around some areas this weekend and check some areas out. We started watching shows on HGTV like First Time Home Buyers and Property Virgins to see if we can learn anything, too.

One of the quandries we're in is whether or not to stay in Los Angeles. We've talked about it and I would rather be doing awesome somewhere else than doing just okay here in California. For the price range of a condo here, we can get a 3 bedroom house in a St. Louis or Nashville suburb. A house. With 3 bedrooms and a basement. A front yard and a back yard. And no stupid monthly HOA fees, which I'm guessing is a huge frustration for first time homeowners.

Oh, California...why must you frustrate me so?

The other thing to consider is that since I'm half-black/half-Chinese/half-Irish, we would need someplace tolerant of interracial couples. I imagine anyplace near a big city has to have some level of diversity (along with a handful of bigoted morons, of course) but I have no experience living anywhere but the melting pot of California.